Minor Scale Introduction:






  Minor scale - Harmonic

The minor scale has a totally different feeling and sound to the major scale.

There are two forms of the minor scale: harmonic and melodic.


The harmonic minor scale ascends and descends using the same intervals

but the melodic minor is more difficult. It has one ascending pattern

and one slightly different descending pattern.

  Minor scale - Melodic

The Minor Scale



Minor scale - Harmonic





The patterns for the scale of A minor harmonic are shown below:






In the harmonic form the seventh degree is raised by a semitone in both

descending and ascending form. In this case G is raised to G sharp.



Minor Scale - Melodic





The patterns for the scale of A minor melodic are shown below:





In the melodic form the sixth and seventh degree are raised a semitone

when descending but are not raised when the scale descends.