The Major Scale:







A scale is a set of notes contained within an octave. The most common forms of a

scale are the major scale and the minor scale. These scales contain eight notes at irregular intervals.


Major and minor scales are used in the melody and harmony of a piece of music.

A song that is based on the notes of the scale of C major is said to be in the key of C major.



C Major Scale

G Major Scale

D Major Scale

A Major Scale

E Major Scale

B Major Scale

F Major Scale

B Flat Major Scale







The major scale has a fixed form. The sequence of intervals in all major scales is as follows,

tone, tone, semi-tone, tone, tone, tone, semi-tone



Once this sequence is adhered to, ascending and descending, all major scales can be formed.

Click on the C major example below to listen and see how the scales are formed.