This lesson details the very basics of music theory including the stave, notes, the treble clef, the bass clef, middle C and ledger lines.







It is very important to learn the basics of rhythm. This lesson goes through simple time,

compound time, bar lines and rests.







It is useful to know how a rhythm is grouped before we start learning the melody of a piece.

Three must-know time signatures are looked at: 4/4, 3/4 "waltz time" and 2/4.







The difference between two notes is called an interval. This lesson goes through the octave,

whole tones and semi-tones and sharps, flats and naturals.




Major Scale



Every serious musician will tell you it's vital to know your scales.

This lesson will teach you the basics.




Minor Scale



More difficult than the major scale, the minor scale is just as important.

This lesson goes through the harmonic minor and the melodic minor scale.




Key Signatures



Knowing the key signatures is very helpful when learning how to sight read music.

All the sharp and flat major keys are included in this lesson.




If you want to learn songs by ear, it is important to know the major chord and minor chord shapes.





Circle of Fifths





A great way of remembering the order of the key signatures.